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David DuPuy Vaughan, MD

Letter from Tay Vaughan, 2002

November 18, 2002

David Vaughan, M.D.
Highway 203 at Route 1001
587 Kinsale Road, P.O. Box 87
Kinsale, VA 22488-0087 USA

Dear David:

Thank you very much for sending the St. Christopher's All Saints Rememberance Program with my dad's mention in the memorial portion. We miss him.

My Elizabeth seems to be doing well as a 15-year-old teenager. She continues to make honor roll as a sophomore in high school; she starts driver's ed in December and can't wait for the perceived freedom of having her own car (I've bought an older Saab 900, and will rebuild it for her by her birithday at summer's end); she's coping as best possible with the divorce and duplication of homes.

Improving the farm is steady, incremental work -- I am so glad you were able to visit here a few years ago. There have been many improvements made since your visit, too, and we are becoming quite comfortable. I am furnishing with things acquired at local auctions, and it's really fun collecting this most diverse lot of old Maine "stuff," cheap. Things such as the old grain scale with its set of hanging weights for two dollars; the grand mirror in the living room for fifteen dollars; the pedal organ; the hay rakes and scythes and whetstone wheel; victorian chairs stuffed with horsehair; hardwood tables needing refinishing; taps and dies, drill motors, and pick axes; oriental carpets and rag rugsā€¦ I do wish for a Kubota with front end loader and backhoe, but I've got to save up for that!

I have a video tape of the National Geographic special "Riddles of the Dead: Plague Hunters," which I will try to have copied and sent to you. Victor Vaughan was quoted several times and mentioned as a key player in deciphering the Spanish Influenza outbreak.

Lizzy and I hope you remain in good health and are feeling great!

Best to your own Elizabeth.