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The Vaughan Family's Stuff

These are elements and pieces of work not yet connected to the whole.


Story Files

Calendar scantily clad
Calendar of photos of Elizabeth R. Vaughan, M.D, Year 2000. Photo (C)1999 Jesse H. Moore V. See also Dr. Vaughan Receives Citizen of the Year Award

Dancing with ERV

Epistle with images
from John Heath Vaughan, January, 2000

Sound Files

Richard Vaughan, as Dad, announces birth of Evelyn Vaughan (file is about 500K)
Love song composed by Chip Harris for Tay Vaughan and Marcia van Gemert's wedding, 12/17/11. Conceived as a flash mob played by ten classical musicians, friends of the bride and groom, at the wedding party. MP3 and score inside the zip file.

Image Files

1990, Cecil Knight Vaughan
She despised being categorized into any classless group.
She also understood thrift.

1968, Cecil Knight Vaughan

1942, Cecil Todd Knight Marries

1992, Elizabeth Hunter Vaughan

2019, Tay With John Vaughan

2019, Tay With Carmen And Marcia

2019, Tay With Marcia And John Vaughan

August, 2022:

Three candles: Marcia (9 August); Lizzie (22 August); Tay (31 August)

At Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA:
Warren Taylor Vaughan, M.D.
Emma Heath Vaughan
Victor Clarence Vaughan
Dora Taylor Vaughan
David DuPuy Vaughan
Elizabeth S. R. Vaughan, M.D.


Where is Smith Burying Ground?

After some investigation, Smith Burying Ground might be as shown on the Randolph County, Missouri, cadastral tax maps ( at 39.3760386 by -92.597293 (#1) or at 39.3760386 by -92.597293 (#1) . Over the years, others have described the place thus: "Smith Burying Ground is on a farm now owned by Dave Eubanks - 8 miles S.W. of Huntsville and 1 mile S. of Hwy. #3 at Mt. Airy MO." And "Smith Burying Ground is on a family farm on Route BB owned by Clifford Key in Mount Airy, Randolph County, Missouri." Neither owner's name is listed in the current online real estate tax database (2016) of the Randolph County assessor.

If you know the exact location of this cemetery (latitude/longitude), please e-mail Tay Vaughan at tay[at]! Thanks!

This cemetery is home to Vaughan and Dameron ancestors buried there during the 1800s. Click here for a text list of the graves at this site.

From Nancy Meadows (photographs of Smith Burying Ground below) on Mar 18, 2011: "The cemetery is in real bad shape. Pictures were taken of all stones found, but we could very well have not found some. Livestock have destroyed many stones outside the two fenced plots, and there are many apparently unmarked graves."