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Jonathan Vaughan, Ph.D.

Hamilton College Obit

Professor of Psychology
Hamilton College


B.A. Psychology, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

M.A. Experimental Psychology (1968), Brown University, Providence, RI

Ph.D. Experimental Psychology (1970), Brown University, Providence, RI

Scholarly/Research Interests

Professor Vaughan's research interests focus on the selection ofmotor movements; eye movements and attentional processes; learning;and cognitive neuropsychology. His most current work (with colleaguesDavid Rosenbaum of Pennsylvania State University and Ruud Meulenbroekof the Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information) has resultedin computational models that describe performance in tasks such asreaching, grasping, and tapping. With colleague Penny L. Yee, he hasalso been active in facilitating the use of computer applications inpsychological research, his most recent efforts being tutorialmaterials for the use of the PsyScope program forteaching and research.

Teaching Interests

Professor Vaughan teaches Introductory Psychology,Research Methods in Psychology, and Attention andPerformance (an advanced laboratory course in cognitivepsychology). He is developing a new sophomore-level course for thespring of 2000, Learning and Cognition, which will integratelaboratory studies of the learning processes with their clinicalapplications. Like all his departmental colleagues, he encouragesstudent participation in research through summer experiences,independent study, and the Senior Project.

Selected Recent Publications

Note: Hamilton Student co-authors listed in red print.

Articles and Chapters:

Vaughan, J. (1992). The dimensions of computing. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 24, 109-115. [Presidential address, Society for Computers in Psychology]. <

Rosenbaum, D. A., Loukopoulos, L. D., Meulenbroek, R. G. J., Vaughan, J., and Engelbrecht, S. (1995). Planning reaches by evaluating stored postures. Psychological Review, 102, 28-67.

Vaughan, J., Rosenbaum D. A., Diedrich, F. J., and Moore, C. M. (1996) . Cooperative selection of movements: The optimal selection model. Psychological Research/Psychologische Forshung, 58, 254-273.

Vaughan, J., Yee, P., Heisterkamp, C. E., Grey, A. L., and Mattson, T. R. (1997). PsySquash: A program for the analysis of PsyScope data files. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 29, 241-245.

Vaughan, J., Mattson, T. R., and Rosenbaum, D. A. The regulation of contact in rhythmic tapping. (1998). In Rosenbaum, D. A., and Collyer, C. E.,(Eds.) Timing of Behavior: Neural, Computational, and Psychological Perspectives. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Yee, P. and Vaughan, J. (In Press). A Web-accessible tutorial for PsyScope based on classic experiments in human cognition. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers.

Paper and Poster Presentations:

Planning movements: The effects of context. New England Sequencing and Timing conference, March, 1966 (with Tiffany Mattson and David Rosenbaum).

The Performance of Rhythmic Tapping: Hysteresis Effects. Psychonomics Society, Chicago, IL, November, 1996 (with Tiffany Mattson and David A. Rosenbaum).

Using PsyScope in Cognitive Psychology. Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, Ithaca, NY, October, 1997. (with Rebecca Wadler).

Hysteresis in Rhythmic Tapping: Limb Segment Selection and Impulse Production. Psychonomics Society, Philadelphia, PA, November, 1997 (with Tiffany Mattson and David A. Rosenbaum).

Evaluating Models of Reaching. Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA, March, 1998 (with Emma L. Thompson, Rebecca H. Wadler, and David A. Rosenbaum).

The Regulation of Contact in Rhythmic Tapping. Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA, March, 1998 (with Tiffany Mattson).

Honors and Awards

NSF predoctoral fellow, 1967-1970.

NIMH research grants, 1973-1981.

NSF Instructional Scientific Equipment Program grant , 1974-1976.

Margaret Bundy Scott Fellow, Hamilton College, Spring, 1976.

NSF Undergraduate Research Participation grant, 1976-1977.

NIMH National Research Service Award , 1981-1983.

President, Society for Computers in Psychology, 1990-91

NSF Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Grant, 1993-95.

Christian A. Johnson Teaching Fellowship for Teaching Enhancement, 1998-99

Consulting Editor, Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 1990-.

Councilor, Council for Undergraduate Research, 1998-2001.

[Source: March, 2008, from the Hamilton College Website]