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Letter Cahoon to Vaughan

Date: 12/1/07
From: Colleen Cahoon
Subject: Hewett Ladies

Dear Tay Vaughan,

Thank you so very much for having such a wonderful site and for sharing information on the Family Hewett.

I am new at the genealogy research and my retirement negates many venues that I elsewise would dearly enjoy investigating... so... sights such as yours are truely dear... and I appreciate it very much!

My name is Colleen Cahoon and I am a descendant of Hannah Hewett, wife of Asa Payson... their daughter, Oraville Amanda Payson, married Chester B. McLain and their son, William Ernest McLain married Lizzy Emery and their daughter, Beulah Madelon McLaine was my maternal Grandmother....:)

I have started a genealogy site of my own, but it is nothing like your lovely site... but I am learning as I go... :)

I adore the old photos most of all and have a few on my site, though not of the Hewetts, nor early McLains (McLaine), though I hope someday to find some of them and my Paysons, Emerys, and Langleys... through cousins that this wonderous internet unites...:)

While looking at the following, at your site...

Photo1, Photo2
Members of the Knight family including Nellie Cushman Hewett Knight.

I noticed that there seems to be some mix up on the identifications... though I do not know the lovely folks in the photo... I can see by the Ladies hats that Nellie is identified as Nellie in one photo and as Aunt Mary in the other... in which case the woman next to her (taller) is then identified as Nellie, though when sitting, that woman was identified as Aunt Olive..

This is of particular interest because I was wondering if "Aunt Olive" might perhaps be Olive Payson?... My Hannah's sister?

I hope you can help me identified the ladies correctly? :)

Thanks again for sharing such precious family gems...:) I really enjoyed reading about our first Hewett's arrival... I just became a grandmother this year... (a late bloomer) and I can not wait until my grandson is old enough for me to share these wonderful notes with!

Best Regards,