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East Canton, OH 44730
June 21, 1997

Dear Tay,

Under separate cover the Hewett book is being mailed today. Since you stem from the second son of William Hewett, you will be most interested in chapter two. Each of the 6 sons makes up the six chapters. However, you may find it mindboggling to realize that every name in the book that has a number by it is related to you in some way!

Samuel, the second son, was the most difficult line to research because there were so few contacts with living descendants, only 2 in fact. One was a man whose mother helped some, but he had no interest in the family. The other was a lady who was helpful and sent pictures, some of which are in the back of the book on pages 336 and 337. Most interesting to me was the terrible ordeals that ~ of Samuel's sons went through during the Civil war, Samuel, Sewell, Ephriam, and Nathan. Their older brother, George E. Hewett, your ancestor, may not have been in the Civil War as I never found his name listed. However, if you want to research this further, you can write to the Civil War Pension Records. These records were of great value because each soldier was asked to list vital statistics, names of all wives and children. There is a charge if info is found, but no charge if none is found.

If you or anyone in your family ever gets around to publishing a book that involves George E. Hewett's name, let me know. The Hewett-Hewitt debate is discussed in the front of the book. As far I know, the Samuel-George Hewett line always used the -ett spelling. I suggest you read the Preface page under "How to use this book". It (Roots III) may take a little time to get used to, but it really is quite simple.

Thank you for getting in touch with me. Though I am not actively doing any research now (five years of my life was enough) I still enjoy hearing from people like you. Happy hunting! It is a great adventure.

Yours truly,


Evelyn Hewett (see page 183)
PS. Our son John has twins, Madeline and Anna b. 2 Feb. 1995 and son Tom has Gabriela b. 21 Apr 1997.