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Location of Cecil Knight

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:41:49 -0600
From: "Craig Murray"
Subject: Re: Tay's address
MIME-Version: 1.0

Thanks! I wrote you a note back when to tell you that we had our third son.... Brooks Harrison Murray was 8 months old on Jan. 15th. Wow! He be a fine little boy!

I had a short business trip this week in the Boston area. As a matter of fact, I was calling a on a customer called Tweeter Home Entertainment, they are based in Canton, MA. I got to see the snow and feel the cold and eat the lobster and steamers at Legal!

In a related story.... I came across the genealogy folder that Mom had made. In it, I noticed the entry that said Grandfather was buried in Worcester at the Hope cemetery and for Grandmother, it simply said buried in North Easton. I remember the funeral. I remember the grave site and I remember that there was no head stone for years... I looked on the web and I found no listings in N. Easton for any cemetery. I looked at a detailed map of N.E. and saw two cemeteries listed. Only one was listed in directory assistance. I called the Village Cemetery (behind the Unity Church at 15 Main Street) and spoke to a Mr. Cummings. He said, "I have your Grandmother here" This guy actually remembered the day of the funeral saying that the weather was so bad that the funeral director from the home in Brockton said that they were only going to do a "drive by" no service at the grave site.

Anyway, he told me that both of my Grandmother's daughters had come to visit the grave in recent years. (he's been there for 35 years!) Apparently, my Mom had paid to have a head stone placed at Grandmother's grave in the early '90's. What year did your Mom pass away?

The mystery for me is this... so what name is on the marker?? Cecilia Gray Knight or Cecilia Knight Halderman???? Have you been there recently? Do you know?

I love this kind of stuff. After my meeting on Tuesday in Canton, I drove south on 138 to North Easton and went to the cemetery. Mr. Cummings was not there and there was lots of snow on the ground so I had no chance of finding a flat marker.

Hope to hear from you soon!