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How Henry Clay Fits In

For Elizabeth Hunter Vaughan
and her cousins
In 1996

Henry Clay was a famous statesman and orator from Kentucky. He once fought a duel with pistols and killed Aaron Burr, another famous person.

Henry Clay's great grandfather is your 9th great grandfather.

Henry Clay is your first cousin, eight times removed.

"My great-grandfather, George Ball Dameron (1771-1848), married Mary Moore (1781-1870), who lived to the advanced age of eighty-nine, preserving much of her physical and mental alertness to the end. I knew her, rode and drove with her, and listened with great eagerness to her stories of the family. My other - on my mother's side was Mary Clay, "a daughter of Edward C. Clay, whose father was a brother of Reverend John Clay, the father of Henry Clay." This good lady gave me in my boyhood days "Henry Clay's whiskey glass" which I still possess, but it has long been void of the ancient beverage. Probably it is one of the many glasses from which this illustrious statesman took his toddy."

From A Doctor's Memories, autobiography of Victor Clarence Vaughan