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David DuPuy Vaughan, M.D.

David DuPuy Vaughan's Geneaology
Presented for Membership in The Huguenot Society
of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia

The Application [PDF]

Generation 2 [PDF] Warren Taylor Vaughan

Generation 3 [PDF] Victor Clarence Vaughan

Generation 4 [PDF] Eliza Adeline Dameron

Generation 5 [PDF] Eliza Ingram

Generation 6 [PDF] Mary Clay

Generation 7 [PDF] Magdalene Trabue

Generation 8 [PDF] Olympia DuPuy

Generation 9 [PDF] John James DuPuy

Generation 10 [PDF] Bartholomew DuPuy (Count)

Ahnentafel Report [PDF - From Tay's Reunion Data File)