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A Doctor's Memories

An Autobiography by Victor Clarence Vaughan
1926, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis

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Illustrations (with Thumbnail Photographs)
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The Old Missouri Farm (1)

The Old Missouri Farm (2)

( Parents )

The Chemical Laboratory of the University of Michigan in the 'Seventies

Northwest Corner of the Campus, University of Michigan, in the'Seventies

President James Angell, University of Michigan

Mrs. Angell

Doctor Corydon L. Ford, Dean, 1887-91

Doctor Abram Sager, Dean, 1850-75

Doctor Alonzo B. Palmer, Dean, 1875-87

Professor S. Freize

Doctor Albert B. Prescott

Viscount Bryce

The President's House in the 'Seventies

Sir Joseph Lister

Pasteur at Work

Glimpse of the Ann Arbor Home from the Garden (1)

Glimpse of the Ann Arbor Home from the Garden (2)

Pavilion [sic] Hospital, 1875

University Hospital, 1890

Front of Hospital, 1925

University of Michigan Medical Building in the 'Seventies

The Medical Building in 1903

New University of Michigan Medical School, 1926

Doctor George Dock

Doctor Albert M. Barrett

Doctor Aldred S. Warthin

Doctor Charles W. Edmunds

Doctor Arthur R. Cushny

Doctor Henry Sewall

Doctor James P. McMurrich

Doctor Charles B. de Nancrede

Doctor Udo J.Wile

Doctor William H. Howell

Doctor Walter R. Parker

Doctor Moses Gomberg

Doctor Frederick G. Novy

Doctor John J. Abel

Doctor G. C. Huber

Doctor Moses Gunn

Doctor Donald Maclean

Doctor George E. Frothingham

Doctor Paul C. Freer

Doctor Reuben Peterson

Doctor Warren P. Lombard

Doctor George L. Streeter

Doctor Charles W. Eliot

President Harry H. Hutchins

Doctor Vaughan in His Laboratory

Major Vaughan in Spanish-American War

General O. O. Howard

General Fitzhugh Lee

Doctor Robert Koch

Executive Committee of the General Medical Board

Secretary of War Newton D. Baker

Lt. Colonel Warren T. Vaughan

Colonel Victor C. Vaughan

Lt. Colonel J. Walter Vaughan

Captain Henry F. Vaughan

The Late Major Victor C. Vaughan, Jr.

Lieutenant Herbert H. Vaughan

Mrs. Vaughan

The Cottage in the Woods

The Red Arrow on the Shore of Lake Superior

Table of Contents