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The Vaughan Family Archive

"In my boyhood days when I came across the family name in English history or in literature it was my habit to take it to my father and ask if the name mentioned indicated a relative of his. One day he replied to one of these interrogations something as follows: "Great men, indifferent men and even bad men have borne that name. Pick out the good ones and emulate them; neglect the indifferent ones and despise the bad ones." This sage advice I have followed. It gives me the unique opportunity of selecting my own ancestors. I can claim relationship with every good Vaughan and deny all others, and since among my ancestors there have been as many females as males I can claim kinship with any good Welshman, be he living or dead."

Victor C. Vaughan, M.D. in 1926
Dean of the Medical School, University of Michigan
President of the American Medical Association
Acting Surgeon General, U.S. Army (1917)

Books and Writings by Vaughans and their Kin:

Victor Clarence Vaughan, M.D.: A Doctor's Memories

Warren Taylor Vaughan, M.S., M.D.: Primer of Allergy

Warren Taylor Vaughan, Jr., M.S., M.D.: Professional Papers

Warren Taylor Vaughan, III: Multimedia: Making It Work

Warren Taylor Kingsbury, Ph.D. (Ed.): Hobby Horse Rider

This site is maintained for the many descendants of Sampson Vaughan (1790-1872) and his wife, Mary Jones, who married in Wales and died in North Carolina. Sampson and Mary Vaughan spent their days working a scrub oak farm near Durham, North Carolina, where they grew tobacco.

Among family names belonging to this tree are Dupuy, Dameron, Heath, Haylett, Taylor, Clarke, Cloud, Lamb, Rankin, Knight, Hewett (Hewitt), Galvan, O'Neal, Matchett, Elizondo, Roman, Gray, Sayre, and Schofield.