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David DuPuy Vaughan, M.D.

David DuPuy Vaughan's Geneaology for Membership in
The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia

David DuPuy Vaughan, M.D.
October 9, 1922 - March 20, 2006

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David DuPuy Vaughan, M.D., of Richmond VA, Kinsale VA, and Cincinnati OH, passed away in Cincinnati Monday, March 20, 2006. At his bedside were his three daughters, his son, his surviving brother, and several close relatives.

Dr. Vaughan was diagnosed with cancer just a few days after the loss of his beloved wife, Elizabeth S. R. Vaughan, M.D., March 2.

He was born October 9, 1922, the son of the renowned allergist Warren Taylor Vaughan, M.D. and Emma Elizabeth Health Vaughan, of Richmond. He was the grandson of Victor Clarence Vaughan, M.D., Dean of the University of Michigan School of Medicine, and President of the American Medical Association.

He resided most of his life in Richmond, where he and his wife both practiced medicine. In their retirement years, they moved to Kinsale, close by the Chesapeake Bay, where he indulged his passion for sailing.

He and his wife traveled often. Those journeys allowed him to pursue another avocation, genealogy. From his research, we know that he was a direct descendant of Hugh Du Puy, who joined Godfrey of Bouillon to lead the First Crusade for Pope Urban II in 1096. His first ancestor to live in America was Count Bartholomew Du Puy, a French Huguenot who sailed to Virginia with his wife in 1699. His surname came from his great-great grandfather Sampson Vaughan, a Welshman who brought his wife to America in the early 1800’s and settled near Durham, NC.

Those who knew Dr. Vaughan remember him for his gentle patrician demeanor; for his cultured Virginia accent; for his integrity; for his skill at the helm of a sailing vessel in weather fair or foul; for his love of classical music; and for his devotion to his wife, his family, and his patients.

He was a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and served a Fellowship in Allergies at Tulane, where he met his future wife. Theirs was a genuine romance that endured from the moment they met.

They had four children, all of whom survive: daughter Elizabeth, now a physician practicing in Greensboro, North Carolina; son Kenward, now a chemistry professor in Bakersfield, California; daughter Catherine, now an executive with Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati; and daughter Dorothy, now an executive with Merck Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey.

He was the youngest of four brothers, all Harvard-trained physicians. Two preceded him in death: Victor C. Vaughan III, M.D., and Warren Taylor Vaughan, Jr., M.D. His older brother, John Heath Vaughan, M.D., survives.

December 26, 2003

In addition to his children and his brother, he leaves seven grandchildren.

His ashes will be interred beside those of his wife in the Vaughan family plot in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond.

Letter from Tay Vaughan, November, 2002